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For Younger Readers

A New York Times Notable Book


"The Secret Tree" takes its rightful place in the now classic genre of "neighborhood kids" that began with Beverly Cleary.... From a child, there is no higher praise than, "The ending was satisfying." And this one is. "The Secret Tree" is a welcome addition to the canon....These children are far too real to let their captivating tales end here.
-The New York Times Book Review

What if your birthday wish turned you into someone else?


They've never had parties together. They've never swapped presents. But this year, Lavender and Scarlet are about to swap something much bigger. Because of two wishes that turn all too true, Lavender and Scarlet are going to wake up in each other's bodies. And in order to change back, they'll have to figure out how to be someone totally opposite...without messing up their lives completely.

When Claire's best friend, Bess, moves away, Claire becomes the only girl left in her entire school. At first, she doesn't mind too much--after all, the girls' bathroom is now her own private headquarters, and when it comes to soccer games or sailing races, she can face off against any boy. But it's never easy being the only one--and over the course of a wacky school year, Claire is going to have to make it through challenges big and small. The boys may think they rule the school, but when it comes to thinking on your feet, Claire's got them outnumbered.

*"A decidedly purposeful not-love story, this has all the makings of a cult hit with a flavor similar to Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

-Kirkus Reviews, starred review

*". . . a delightful tale . . . Standiford makes reading about Baltimore high society and the flawed, pampered, but likable Sullivans feel like a wickedly guilty pleasure....Readers will wish that more family members had confessions to make."
-Publishers Weekly, starred review

*"... a love story tinged with intrigue.... Besides offering readers passion and suspense, Standiford raises thought-provoking questions about how far people should go for the sake of love and freedom."

-Publishers Weekly, starred review

It is one of the worst storms ever--the snow has not stopped for days and it is 30 degrees below zero. But somehow Balto must get through. He is the lead dog of his sled team. And he is carrying medicine to sick children miles away in Nome, Alaska. He is their only hope. Can Balto find his way through the terrible storm? Find out in this exciting true story!