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Switched at Birthday cover

"A wish, a shared birthday and some “theater magic” transform the lives of two young teens.... Standiford’s adept portrayal of the evolution of the girls’ self-awareness conveys a meaningful message about empathy and forgiveness.... A characteristically insightful tale that affirms the importance of true friendship and self-acceptance."

"The girls’ alternating first-person narrative plots their journey through shock, confusion, and frustration to insight and change. ...Engaging... memorable... This well-paced novel will appeal to readers who loved Wendy Mass’ popular 11 Birthdays."

"In this tale of winners and losers, bullies and victims, Standiford creates authentic characters in situations most middle schoolers have experienced or witnessed.... Standiford makes a statement about self-identity and empathy without moralizing. The magic and humor of the situations combine to create an enjoyable story."
-School Library Journal

"You are in for a treat."

-The San Jose Examiner

Shirley Jones as Marian the Librarian in the 1962 movie of THE MUSIC MAN